1/9 Dragon Marvel Avengers Iron Man

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September 6th, 2019, 5:16 pm

Hi all, I picked this figure up at the Telford IPMS show two years ago, it was pre painted and a simple push fit together kit. I wanted to see if I could add some lighting and bring it to life, not an easy project as the body was not completely hollow but made up of complex moulded chambers, however with a bit of perseverance I got there in the end. I powered the 5 LED’s with a pp3 9v battery under the base. Iron man's head looked too small for his body and the back of the helmet looked more like a skull in shape, so I mixed up six layers of quick setting clear epoxy and built up the back of the head and neck to bulk out the profile. With a bit of battle weathering and a flat coat I think it turned out well.

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